Building Information Modelling, a single digital information model created by all the members of the team.

BIM is the process for the generation and management of data for construction projects that has transformed the way we work, using dynamic 3D modeling software in real time.

In Acero Estudio we have a complete technical delineation team, specialized in this latest technology, with which we manage all types of construction projects in a collaborative way.


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    Consultancy, Implementation, Modelling

    Through this methodology we obtain all the information of any infrastructure: geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, as well as the quantities and characteristics of its components. Therefore, every collaborator in the work has all the information at their disposal, always updated and coordinated.

    Advantages Cost and time reduction BIM allows the automatic generation of all project documentation: budgets, planning of structures, etc., achieving an increase in productivity and, therefore, time and cost savings. Workflows Improvement BIM enables collaborative work through a single platform, integrating and sharing information in real time, improving collaboration between clients and designers during the construction phase. Error reduction Before starting to build, we have a complete model with all the information. Like so, we can check if there is any integration problem between the different elements in a safe and easy way. Performance improvement This methodology integrates the interconnection between 2 and 3 dimensions with each other, improving the vision of the overall project, avoiding possible mistakes.

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