Millions of points positioned three-dimensionally in space that represent with geometric accuracy a physical reality

With 3D laser scanner technology we obtain a large number of points in space (3D point cloud) of whatever kind of place (facilities, building, land, etc.)

The point cloud contains all the metric information of the scanned surfaces as well as that related to its color and reflectivity of the material, therefore it contains all the information that may be of interest for the analysis and study of the element. The consultation of this information must be done by means of specific software capable of interpreting this format. The 3D Scanners incorporate a camera that allows to apply the true color of the objects to the points stored in scanned scene.

With this configuration of laser and camera, we obtain at the same time, both color information about the surfaces within its field of view and their geometry. The model obtained by a 3D Scanner describes the position in three-dimensional space of each point analyzed. If a spherical coordinate system is defined and the origin is considered to be the Scanner, each point analyzed is associated with a spherical coordinate that describes with millimetric precision the three-dimensional position of each point in the model in a coordinate system relative to the Scanner.


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