More than 20 years developing Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism projects in CAD

In Acero Estudio we carry out all types of CAD projects, planning and coordinating all the content from the beginning.

CAD refers to a kind of array of software digital tools used in the design processes that allows the graphic documentation of any project.

Our team has a lot of experience in this field, acquired from carrying out many international projects, offers the best tailor-made solutions to our clients.


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CAD Projects

Advantages Bigger automation CAD carries out itself almost all the process. We get simpler design documentation, including geometries, dimensions and lists of materials. Speed and Efficiency CAD speeds up the design process and improves the visualization of subassemblies, parts and, therefore, the final work. Programming control High control capabilities result in perfectly finished work.

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Spain: or call us at +34 963379694

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