Tekla Structures flexibility, precision and efficiency

Tekla software offers high value solutions in the engineering industry focused on structural design, manufacturing and assembly, which guarantee the constructability of projects and the creation of highly detailed models.

The applied technology allows contractors to manage risk and plan the construction process accurately by creating safer structural models, where the analysis of their data allows informed decisions to be made at all stages of the project and minimizes uncertainties. .

Currently, efficient collaboration and communication between stakeholders, as well as interoperability between the different design and calculation software in the industry, are crucial for the success of any project, especially if it is framed in BIM work methodologies. .

Tekla software is a specific response to an area of ​​the industry that demands highly developed structural information models, handling data with greater accuracy and more precise calculations.

Acero Estudio has extensive experience in the use of this tool as a result of the practice and continuous training of our staff.

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