Mercadona launches innovative BIM processes

Today, more than ever, we know firsthand the impact that unexpected challenges can have on our jobs and how many project management teams have been forced to quickly devise new, secure methods of communication and collaboration in order to keep their projects on track.

Mercadona, Spain’s leading food retailer, is not only a major retailer, but also designs, executes and maintains logistics blocks, stores and offices. With more than 1,600 stores, 16 logistics blocks, 3 beehives and several office centers in Spain and Portugal, Mercadona is one of the Spanish companies with the highest construction volume.

To be able to act against this market pull, it is necessary to build adequate spaces where digital transformation becomes essential. Thus, Mercadona has organized itself to build efficiently and, in particular, has implemented innovative BIM processes. The goal is simple: to build better, faster and in a respectful and sustainable way thanks to the BIM methodology.

Mercadona relies on the Onfly solution, which makes it possible to implement the established procedure. Onfly is a simple and effective tool for managing, centralizing and harmonizing BIM data to speed up design and increase team productivity, provided by the BIM&CO digital community. This shared BIM library helps construction companies to manage and share their BIM content in a private and secure cloud-based way, taking into account classifications and business data specific to their structures.

If you want to imitate Mercadona’s model and improve your construction process considerably, don’t hesitate to apply this innovative methodology! To learn more about BIM, take a look at our website or contact us. If, on the other hand, you are interested in the Onfly solution for your company, have a look at the BIM&CO web site.

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