Digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual replica of an infrastructure or building that allows you to simulate its behavior and predict needs in real time.

The union of the physical and virtual worlds through digital twins enables an exhaustive analysis of the information, something that, combined with ‘big data’ solutions, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, allows rigorous control of the systems to avoid problems, prevent downtimes and plan future scenarios through simulations.

When a company builds a digital replica of its infrastructures, the environments in which it operates, and the systems that produce them, it can predict virtually everything that will happen in the physical world. For technicians, digital twins are very useful because, by having a detailed history of the previous model, they can correct errors and create new, more reliable versions.

At Acero Estudio we integrate this technology into our services so that your company gets the most out of it. We offer 3D scanning of the current facilities, the creation of the BIM model from this data and the creation of the digital twin integrating, among other elements, sensors and specific programming to obtain real-time data from the asset and reproduce it in the digital model. so that it can be viewed by all the agents involved according to their competencies.

This digital twin is a single database that, in addition to sharing this information in real time with those responsible for operations, allows the different agents to collaborate and make automatic or generated alerts for a specific case. Through this tool generated by Acero Estudio, the agents involved can also carry out analyzes and predict the behavior of the asset, generating very valuable information for future decision-making regarding this asset.

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