Not all 3D laser scans are created equal

When performing a 3D laser scan, we have to take into account different parameters such as the density of points and the precision that this technology gives us. We always recommend scanning the right way for each project.

From our experience, we recommend analyzing the need for the result and its future use to determine the characteristics to use in the data collection process from the beginning.

Sometimes the cost is a very determining factor and the order is made without knowing in advance the characteristics of the process and the result obtained. This influences the optimization of the result, being able to obtain a product with requirements lower than expected.

Fortunately, to date, we have not seen ourselves in that situation since we try to be, above all, professionals and advise the client regarding the requirements of each job, but we have witnessed the completion of some jobs that, after a of data by another provider, does not offer the necessary information for scanning buildings, structures, facilities, works or other types of scenarios where the information obtained is insufficient for the subsequent process due to lack of precision and information density.

That is when we reflected and came to the conclusion that although the cost of our offer could be higher than other providers, in reality we were not offering the same.

Always bet on quality!

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