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3D Scanning

The size of the global 3D scanning market was valued at over US$5 billion in 2020, and was predicted to grow 8.4% annually through 2025 according to Grand View Research.

Behind this growth, we can deduce that the rate of adoption has been increasing. A growing number of companies have realized the benefits of investing in 3D scanning technologies, whether to improve product development and design, for quality control applications, reverse engineering, prototyping, and more.

But the really important thing is how to integrate this technology into your business.

It all starts with the design, making sketches and models, which will then be shaped using a CAD model to build the first prototype. This is where 3D scanning technology comes into play. However, it is important to ask yourself when should a company think about integrating 3D scanning into its activity, since it is not always the best idea a priori.

It is important for companies to incorporate 3D scanners from the design stage to provide technical support throughout the product lifecycle.

The application is completely transversal, in almost all types of productive business and industry this technology has a place.

3D laser scanners can play an important role in product development and design, quality control, trial batch production, and intelligent manufacturing. Once the function that is going to be given to the technology and the type of applications to which it is going to be used is clear, it is necessary to take into account a series of important points such as: stability, efficiency, speed, precision of scanning and profitability.

3D Scanning example

This technology is applied in almost all sectors that we can imagine

3D digital models are critical front-end data requirements.

It is essential that, when investing in a new technology, we take into account the most common mistakes that can prevent them from being made in the future. Perhaps, two typical errors are usually the measurement time and the cost of a 3D scan. Novice users of this technology think that when scanning a 3D object, this geometry can be easily modified. This reverse engineering process is not an immediate process and requires some experience to obtain a quality scan.

Early understanding and use of 3D scanning technology will bring great value and benefits. It’s a really cool thing to “love and like 3D scanning technology.”

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