Geodesy, drone flight and laser scanning: Minera Volcan in Cerro de Pasco

geodesia para minera volcan en peru

Technical File for the Expansion of the Neutralization Plant, Minera Volcan, Cerro De Pasco

The Acero Estudio team in Peru carried out the geodesy, drone flight and laser scanning of the area planned for the expansion of the Neutralization Plant of Minera Volcan in Cerro de Pasco.

These works were carried out under all preventive measures and medical examinations due to the existing COVID-19 pandemic.

Once all the requirements requested by Volcan were met, the Acero Estudio team in Peru traveled from Lima to the work area.

The work in the project area began with the placement of geodetic points linked to the mining company’s coordinate system and their measurement by means of differential GPS with double frequency.

Next, the necessary support points were located for the subsequent restitution of the drone flight. These support points were marked with lime and measured with GPS in RTK mode.

The drone flight of about 12 Ha was performed at low altitude (60 m) to obtain a better definition of the surface and the existing elements such as buildings, pipes, etc. A DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with a 20 Mpx camera was used for this purpose.

After the drone flight, the laser scanning of the specific areas where the expansion of the neutralization plant was going to be carried out was performed.

241 scans were made using the FARO 3D S120 scanner with which all the essential information was collected, measurements, volumes of high quality images and dynamic range (HDR) and millions of 3D points obtained in seconds, with a full capture range of 360 degrees, where the resolution, quality of the points and the light shot were adjusted to adequately adapt to the capture of the scene from multiple points of view, different lighting conditions, facilities and distances to the facades.

In the office, the scans were recorded and the 3D modeling of the main facilities of the project was carried out.

We would like to thank our client SUEZ for the trust placed in our team and for the coordination and management of the work developed.

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