Acero Estudio has just incorporated a fleet of DRONES

Following our commitment with the integration of new technologies in our servicies. Acero Estudio incorporates a fleet of DRONES capable of developing most of our services faster and with more efficiency.

In the field of construction and engineering, the use of DRONES is being progressively introduced, generating a wide range of possibilities. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that incorporates photo and video cameras, thermo-graphic sensors and other devices that allow to performe riskless, obtaining valuable information in short periods of time.


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The combination of topography and photography employed in the use of drones allows us to obtain cartography, digital models and orthophotos in civil engineering, industrial, archeology and architecture activities, among others.

drone fleet

Advantages of using this technology

✔ Speed and diligence in data collection

✔ Cost reduction in terms of both time and operating expenses

✔ Easy access to any location

✔ Even in complex and challenging locations, always in a very high safety and security standards

✔ Graphic information obtained with the highest details

✔ Much more accuracy and precision, as you get more information from the plot and a much denser cloud of information. (More than 100 points per m²)

Just Some examples of the most relevant projects

carried out with drones by Acero Estudio


Contact us:

Spain: or call us at +34 963379694

Peru: or call us at +51 (01)5552863