BIM Valencia: a working methodology that has revolutionized the classic design systems


BIM ¿ What is it?

In the management of construction and building projects, ¨Building Information Modeling¨ (BIM) is a working methodology that has r-evolved the classic design systems based on CAD plans, combining geometric (3D), time (4D), and costs (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D). Grouping all this digital information greatly facilitates collaborative work between the different areas and the optimization of human, technical and cost resources.

It is noteworthy that, against what many may think, BIM is not a software , but rather a work method that is framed in the context of collaborative culture and has led to a substantial transformation in the design, building  and the management of the assets in construction sector.

BIM establishes a transversal workflow for Architects, engineers, builders, developers as well as a  communication channel between all those involved in the process, generating a virtual model with all the information related to the building (design, technical, structural, installation, etc. energy efficiency, economic, materials, commercial, execution phases, maintenance, administration, etc…). 

It is important that all agents know in details the BIM method and its tools, therefore, from our headquarters in Valencia we provide  BIM training since the handling of different types of software and the compatibility and interoperability between them . The continous training is crucial for the proper implementation of BIM in each project.

BIM valencia

Advantages of BIM VS Classic method

– Automatic updating of the information in the entire project when it is edited in any part of the model. Real-time modifications serve to update the rest of the project parameters. 

– Real time development under continous supervision of the client .

– There is no loss of information between the different agents despite of using different versions of software. 

– A transversal communication flow is established that enhances collaboration and takes advantage of the contributions and know-how of each agent. 

– Technical information, costs, deadlines, etc. are available at all times ,facilitating and improving handling task.

– These benefits translate into bigger efficency with shorter lead times and costs.

Acero Estudio & BIM

Is the BIM methodology mandatory in Spain?
The answer is yes for public building tenders. Since last December 17, 2018, the date imposed by the European Union to require its use in construction projects subject to public financing, but due to its advantages it is also increasingly used in private projects .

Acero Estudio, with headquarters inValencia and based in Perú, has a multidisciplinary team with proven experience, and has developed a multitude of BIM projects on the five continents.
Contact us if you want to get further information about BIM and other services.

BIM project in a building renovation

Partnership in several building and rehabilitation projects carried out with BIM , such as detached houses , block of buildings or malls … more than 30.000 m2.

Facilities modeling at Farwaniya new Hospital ( Kuwait)

Partnership with BOD Architecture and engineering for the modeling of energy facilities , conditioning system, plumbing , pneumatic model , and IT systems … in a 80.000 m2  constructed  

Urban development project

Urban development project

Bim modeling of Arquitecture facilities and structures in a apartment building

Bim modeling of Arquitecture facilities and structures in a apartment building, 11 floor and 4 basements 24.250 m2

BIM modeling at University buildings

BIM modeling at University buildings

Arquitecture and facilities with BIM modeling. Metro Station

Arquitecture and facilities with BIM modeling. Metro Station

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