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Building Information Modelling, a single digital information model created by all the members of the team.

BIM represents a collaborative technique that helps to the creation and organization of data for construction projects. BIM reshapes the way we approach our work. It includes the utilization of dynamic 3D real-time modeling software, facilitating a more comprehensive and efficient project management experience.

Our BIM Consulting Service includes a dedicated team of technical BIM professionals and specializes in the latest BIM technology. This expertise allows us to seamlessly handle diverse kinds construction projects with a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

Using BIM your project ensures precision, accuracy, and enhanced coordination throughout every phase of the project, contributing to the success and quality of the final outcome.

bim model of transport facilities
bim service for metro of valencia public service

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Learn more about the advantages of the BIM methodology and determine if it suits your project. Remember that we are at your service if you want to contact us.

By choosing Acero Estudio for BIM consulting, you access the support of a highly specialized professional team backed by many projects carried out, experience and hundreds of hours of training.

We have a team widely trained in BIM methodology.

In our BIM consulting service we encourage collaboration between all project actors, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. In addition, we remain at the forefront of technological innovation, offering solutions that optimize the design and construction process.

We are committed to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations in quality, cost, deadline and sustainability, ensuring outstanding results in each project.

By working with a BIM specialist company like Acero Estudio, your company benefits from various advantages that we offer for your project, these are:

Knowledge and experience in BIM:

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the implementation and creation of BIM models along with the enhancing tools and complements that it offers us.

The skill and technique of our staff allows for the rapid creation of models and designs that will be very useful for your project.

Technical support:

Being a collaborative work, the BIM methodology must be implemented by all professionals in a transversal and interdisciplinary way. This achieves effective use of BIM.

In this aspect, Acero Estudio provides adequate mentoring so that your ideas become functional models that promote constructive efficiency.

Experience Managing Complexity:

One of the advantages that BIM allows us is the ability to manage the complexity and breadth of information in a unified model. We convert complexity into informational richness and chaos into an appropriate order to guide construction in all its phases.

Risk and Change Management

The projection tools that BIM offers us allow us to carry out adequate risk management thanks to the prospective and calculation tools that can be integrated into the platform.

It is worth noting that in addition to the points mentioned, the BIM methodology has proven to be a great driver of efficiency in ecological, energy and financial terms.

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The BIM methodology provides various advantages to construction, engineering and architecture projects; Among them we have:

  • Improves communication and objective coordination between company areas.
  • Reduce errors by minimizing rework rates.
  • Reduces construction risks.
  • Provides adequate tools for better project planning.
  • Improves the efficiency of the company’s logistics, purchasing and supply areas thanks to the fact that it allows various projections regarding required volumes of material and supplies to be made.
  • Provides adequate projections for maintenance and management tasks of the building and its systems.

If these benefits are not enough, contact Acero Estudio and our consultants will provide you with more complete advice on the potential that BIM can provide to your project.

What is the BIM Methodology?

It is a collaborative construction methodology that consists of the development of a model that, using specialized software, allows the creation of a three-dimensional and geometric model with all the characteristics of a construction.

That is to say, a BIM model not only includes the architectural, sanitary and electrical plans in the same model; but can also include the characteristics of materials, finishes and references for each element.

Having this information completely allows each area in charge of a construction to have updated and first-hand information, avoiding risks and improving processes with greater efficiency and speed.

How does BIM affect project delivery times?

Experience has shown us that implementing the BIM Methodology of a project normally reduces delivery times by improving coordination and preventing delays.

Furthermore, the implementation of a BIM model not only improves delivery times but also reduces risks and improves coordination between the participants in a construction process.

bim facilities of metro of riyad

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