Acero Estudio at EXPOBIM 2020

expo bim

Our BIM expert, Álex Ruiz will present the lecture “Laser scanner and point cloud” at EXPOBIM 2020.

On November the 5th, 6 th and 7th EXPOBIM” 2020 will be held, where Álex Ruiz, from Acero Estudio Peru, BIM Consulting Department, will present the symposium “Laser scanner and point cloud” at the Catholic University of Lima. The congress will be broadcasted through Zoom and Facebook live and will have as speakers, prestigious international experts.

On Thursday the 5th, the event will start with the engineer Pablo Zuñiga Guevara, with his presentation “BIM application in construction projects in Colombia”, and will be followed by the architect Sergio Villanueva-Meyer with “Innovation methodologies in the construction industry”.

On Friday, the two presentations are “BIM from the technical side”, by the engineer Jonattan Gómez Araya and the day will end with Renzo Ríos Rugel who will take about “Automation in BIM”.

The last day, Saturday the 7th, will begin with “Infrastructure in BIM” whose speaker is the engineer Alejandro Alvarazo Lezama, and to finish the event, Álex Ruiz will expose the symposium “Laser scanner and point cloud”, an expert in photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning of the Acero Estudio team in Peru.

An essential event for all of us who work with BIM in the construction sector.

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