Image quality in drones

The effectiveness of drones in taking images is indisputable, for example, in wind farm inspections they have a great advantage since they reduce time and costs, and prevent operators from having to access their high-rise facilities.

But today we want to talk to you about the quality of the cameras that drones incorporate, capturing images at height has taken a giant step forward thanks to the use of these small devices.

When purchasing a drone, you must take into account the camera you are going to choose in the event that you opt for one with an integrated camera or one in which you can install your own camera and we must not forget that image stabilization is one of the key aspects for a correct recording or photography.

At Acero Estudio we have a fleet of Drones with 24-48 mm Optical Zoom, 48 MP Super Resolution photos, FHD Video with 4× Zoom to offer you the best service on the market since we have professionals with extensive experience in the audiovisual sector. , we not only offer data collection but also the making of subsequent videos with all the post-production work that needs to be incorporated.

With all the photos and videos, and thanks to the zoom of the high-quality cameras that our drones have, they will be able to detect defects and damage at the moment, allowing solutions as soon as possible.

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