More flexibility in 3D laser scanning

When capturing the environment using a 3D laser scanner, it often makes sense to combine terrestrial laser scanners with handheld 3D scanners, for example to capture all the important details in the tightest or most intricate areas. However, when using different systems, there is a downside to this as there is a lot of equipment to carry and often limited space at the scan site to place target marks.

This is why we want to share with you a very interesting tool when it comes to carrying out any type of scanning, the spheres. This set of spheres consists of six units with a diameter of 145 mm and offers us a great solution when making our scans.

The use of these spheres helps us to register and align small areas, as well as to combine the measurement results of different types of scanners. In turn, thanks to the small size of the case in which they are transported, the set of spheres requires little storage space and can be carried comfortably, considerably facilitating the development of your scan.

At Acero Estudio we take advantage of all the advantages that this tool brings and the results are unbeatable.

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