Energy and environment analysis using BIM technology.

Environmentalists have sounded the warning bells, we have no choice but to make our buildings energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The biggest advantage of using BIM is that it takes into account your day-to-day experience to help you change habits, thus allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to improve the efficiency of buildings.

Companies that offer BIM services can play a vital role in helping architects create energy efficient buildings with a low carbon footprint.

More efficient facilities management

BIM encompasses the entire lifespan of an asset unlike other traditional building systems.

This means that BIM modeling service providers support building owner/operators at all times and help them manage their facilities more efficiently.

Benefits of energy performance analysis by BIM

Evaluate the performance of the proposed structure
Companies that provide BIM services employ a process that uses consistent and coordinated information to help all stakeholders (architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners) preview the projected construction once it has been executed.

Improvement of the energy efficiency of the structure

BIM technology provides building owners with energy efficiency suggestions and an overall model for the building’s conceptual energy use. This helps improve efficiency in new designs as well as renovation and modernization projects.

Importance of doing energy analysis:

Studies have shown that energy analysis using BIM models can help you save nearly twenty-five percent on energy use in new buildings.

The potential for energy savings is even greater for retrofit or renovation projects, as these existing buildings never had an energy analysis system.

You can use these whole building energy analyzes to accurately calculate the maximum possible reductions in energy consumption for a proposed/existing structure.

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