Drones and their impact on the construction sector

We are at a time when the use of high quality technology can become a fundamental ally when it comes to standing out in the market of different industries. In the construction sector, for example, the use of advanced technology drones means a simplification in the processes to carry out eminent projects.

The ability of drones to collect real-time data on the job site has dramatically increased workflow and efficiency in design and construction. Drones are most often used in construction to conduct site surveys. These capture a large amount of data that is usually inaccessible visually, as they have a point of view free of obstacles and at a great height.

Likewise, this contributes to a safer work, since the drones can inspect difficult or dangerous terrain, keeping personnel out of danger and avoiding transit through areas that could be dangerous. For all these reasons, drones are replacing traditional methods of ground surveillance and greatly reducing the time and manual work required.

According to a report in the scientific journal Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, the use of drones for taking measurements and levels of a terrain, allows a reduction of working time of 50% with respect to drones. traditional surveying methods. In addition, it represents a reduction in lifting costs of 75%.

Our company, Acero Estudio, supervises the progress of the GECAMA wind farm in Cuenca, with the help of this technology and also offer surveying with drones.

We leave you some photos of the project and how the work is progressing.

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