How 3D Laser Scanning Revolutionized Architecture Projects

modelo de edificio historico generado por el láser escaner 3d

The continuous advancement of technology has radically transformed the way in which architectural projects are planned and carried out. One of the most important technological advances in recent times is without a doubt the 3D laser scanner.

This important tool improves efficiency in digital modeling efforts but also redefines precision in the design and construction of structures in critical areas that previously required intensive use of personnel.

Use of the 3D Scanner in the Renovation of Historical Heritage

3D laser scanning plays an important role in the renovation of historic buildings, where preservation of the original architecture is essential. The use of this important tool allows the machine to capture details not visible to the naked eye, helping to generate an exact model of the architectural elements.

Urban planification

The demographics of cities and their growth mean that urban planning faces new, increasingly complex challenges. In these cases, precision and space optimization are essential. 3D laser scanning together with other techniques such as photogrammetry with drones and techniques such as Scan to BIM (learn about our BIM Consulting service) has proven to be very useful.

The ability to capture three-dimensional information in real time speeds up decision-making and contributes to a more efficient and functional urban design.

Building Construction

In the construction sector where labor is intensive, companies seek to improve efficiency without affecting labor aspects; That is why the use of techniques such as the 3D laser scanner together with the BIM methodology are mandatory to achieve efficiency and speed.

3D laser scanning not only allows a quick, objective and detailed inspection of the works but, combined with various software, offers the early detection of possible structural problems, guaranteeing exceptional safety standards.

escaneo laser 3d de gran calidad
In addition to the indicated benefits, our equipment allows you to achieve high-quality scanning for your projects.

Interior design

For interior design projects, the 3D laser scanner paves the way for unrestricted creativity. This feature allows designers to accurately visualize their ideas with better aesthetic and practical functional results.

Now that you know more clearly the advantages and benefits of the 3D laser scanner, do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team will provide you with the best information to achieve spectacular results in your project. We are at your service.

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