Digital Twin in the Industrial environment: A reality

Gemelo digital

Digital transformation is unstoppable in all areas. Today, it is a need and also a reality to which the industry is gradually adapting to continue evolving towards Industry 4.0. In an increasingly digitized society, the emergen of new and disruptive technologies such as, especially artificial intelligence, big data or digital twins are promoting and speeding up this change.

Digital Twin, What is it?

These virtual replicas of real industrial devices or processes create “live” digital objects, which replay in real time any change produced in their physical twin, not only in their mechanical parameters, but also in their performance and future evolution.
However, both the digital twin, and the progress and implementation of similar technologies, for their application require the connection and integration of other tools or technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning for the automation of the learning and also big data in order to take advantage of t all the data that is obtained.

Without the proper processing of the obtained data, the digital twin cannot perform in its best way or bring all its benefits to the industry. In spite of everything, and although it seems somehow quite futuristic, many companies in the industrial sector are beting on the digital twin and are incorporating it into their production processes every day.
Actually this could be an option, but in a few years, the majority of productive and manufacturing companies may have to implement this type of technology or they will be out of ¨the competition¨.

gemelo digital en la industriaMain advantages of the digital twin:

  • Obtaining a protected and safe environment in where to experience future processes and projects.
  • Testing and scooping potential changes in new scenarios and approaches.
  • Preventive maintenance plan to avoid errors and interruptions in manufacturing processes.
  • Reducing margin of error and failures in operations and processes.
  • Result predictions and yeild improvements.
  • Optimize production parameters.
  • Reducing production costs of existing and future products.

Present and future

It is clear that not all the industry is already prepared to take up this challenge, there are still some elements that must be improved , especially those related to digitization and, above all, the complexity of storing and processing the big volume of data generated by a digital twin.
Ultimately, digital twins are, without any doubt, a disruptive technology in the simulation and analysis of industrial processes, capable of obtaining maximum benefits from the digital transformation of the plant or its processes, a real transformation, in which several companies are already involved in, and for sure that it will be intensified in the coming years.

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