Laser Scanner in Cultural Heritage Management

3d laser escanner servoo

Use of 3D Laser Scanner for inventory of cultural assets, an incalculable added value.

The use of a 3D laser scanner allows us to capture and store precise information about our cultural heritage, to restore and maintain in perfect condition any element that makes up its geometry.

The artists, architects and engineers of our past, present and future deserve the correct conservation of their works and their digitization makes it possible to carry out this task in an optimal, easy and thorough way. His works are an essential part of the identity of our cities and our lives, although by habit they go unnoticed.

Our new 3D laser scanner uses the latest technology, acquiring the necessary information to precisely intervene in a building listed as cultural heritage. With interior and exterior laser scanning, a point cloud is generated from which measurements and an exact three-dimensional model can be obtained.

When it comes to generating information about buildings, Acero Estudio guarantees its clients precision, detail and compliance, with years of multidisciplinary experience.

Our team adheres to national and international standards with a range of cutting-edge services that adopt the latest technology in 3D laser scanning, modeling, virtual reality and aerial mapping.

Remember that at Acero Estudio, a company specialized in 3D laser scanning, it provides various services dedicated to reducing construction, engineering or architectural risks such as:

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