Optimize costs using geospatial 3D scanning and drone technology: precise volumetric analysis.

Acero Estudio’s team participated with its experience in data capture using the 3D laser scanner, GPS, Total Station and drones in this unusual project to provide a quick response and collaborate in the development process of a Due Diligence, whose purpose was to assess the acquisition of an industrial plant.

Our client was immersed in the process of urgently acquiring the property and needed reliable information about its spatial features to determine the quantities and value of the collected material.

Using our experience in handling various measurement scenarios, our team provided innovative technological solutions and accurate results.

The work was done in record time. Our challenge was to provide a solution that could accurately measure the volume of the material to later estimate transportation costs to another facility.

The procedure consisted of carrying out a 3D geospatial study and applying analytical methods to terrestrial or geographic data sets. The first step was to configure the control network with the total station and the GPS receiver.

The data collected from the 3D scanner and drone was processed using logging and photogrammetry software, quickly generating a 3D spatial representation of the facilities and material reserves. Finally, the spatial data was analyzed to calculate the volume of each individual reserve and plan the logistics of its relocation.

The result of the procedure was highly efficient. The time invested was less than estimated and this brought significant gains in all aspects. Without a doubt, an example of how the combination of technologies contributes to the fulfillment of our projects and the objectives of our clients.

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