Scan-To-BIM applied to the nuclear industry

scan to bim central nuclear

At the nuclear power plants: Vandellós II, Almaráz and Cofrentes, under the direction, coordination and management of GDES (Dominguis Energy Services Group), our team has been in charge of collecting data from existing electrical pipelines and three-dimensional modeling. Due to the commitment to excellence in safety and reliability in the industry, our client has opted for our 3D Laser Scanning services and our specialized experts in BIM consulting.

Scan-to-BIM and its benefits

The Faro Focus 3D x330 scanner was the tool used to survey the electrical pipelines and collect all essential information with point clouds and high-quality image volumes. From the data obtained, with the use of BIM and Revit, three-dimensional models of the current state were created, to later include the designed endothermic protection solutions (fire protection) and obtain their measurements with high precision.

The Laser Scanner has made it possible to simplify the data collection process, allowing the risks involved in working at height, accidental actions with the equipment necessary for manual data collection and personnel exposure times to be significantly reduced; translating into terms of occupational safety and nuclear safety.

The benefits of using these technologies are transcendent, in addition to obtaining precise and structured data, it offers the opportunity to provide optimized solutions, which consider a greater number of data and factors for the design. In turn, it is possible to better plan actions, increase safety, avoid future problems and, consequently, increase the efficiency of nuclear energy facilities.

We thank our client GDES for the trust placed in the Acero Estudio team.

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