The laser scanner like never seen before

robot 3d laser scanner

Capturing the environment using a 3D laser scanner sometimes becomes an arduous task due to the difficulty of accessing certain locations.

FARO has integrated its 3D laser scanner with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot for autonomous point cloud capture. This integration focuses on automated capture and its main advantage is the increased efficiency and real-time data analysis as well as the ease gained in reaching areas that are difficult for people to pass through.

“Our customers in the construction industry need turnkey solutions for autonomous on-site documentation and analysis. Boston Dynamics’ strategic alliance with Trimble has allowed us to collaboratively build that solution by combining our strengths in robotics and construction, respectively.”

– Brian Ringley, director of construction products, Boston Dynamics

Without tools like these, scanning has never been easier. The combination between FARO and Boston Dynamics allows us to document on-the-spot changes on the jobsite and make important decisions in the field, rather than waiting hours or potentially days for information to be relayed to our project staff.

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