Drones, transversal tools beyond the AEC sector

drone applications

The technological advances of drones make their use multidisciplinary.

Today, its integrated technology has allowed the capture of valuable data through images, videos, thermal information and other data, but today its applications are completely transversal, also allowing the possibility of offering other services, ranging from generating statistical information in time real to being vehicles capable of spraying chemicals on crop fields.

Drones are becoming more accessible every day, however their capacity and applications are progressively increasing. Despite the possible limitations of these tools, it is imminent that carrying out tasks with the use of conventional methods can be expensive, dangerous and sometimes simply impossible when it comes to accessing complex areas in services such as construction monitoring or photogrammetry with drones.

There are sectors where drones have a greater impact, but their presence is increasing in all sectors. Below we detail some of those applications.

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Remember that Acero Estudio, a company specialized in drones, provides various services dedicated to reducing construction, engineering or architectural risks such as:

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