Precision surveying for communications projects


One of the most important uses of Acero Estudio’s topography services consists of the support and generation of topographic studies for the telecommunications industry. In this sense, it is worth noting that the strategic and correct location of the antennas is crucial to guarantee effective coverage.

Thanks to the topographic surveys provided by Acero Estudio, you can know not only the topography of the terrain, but also various obstacles that can interfere with the signals and that are not visible to the naked eye. With this precise information, we enable telecommunications engineers to choose optimal locations for installing communications infrastructure.

Precision topography allows us to offer a highly accurate service by recording topographic, geodetic and geometric details. In communications projects, such as the installation of telecommunications towers, antennas, fiber optic cables or mobile network deployment, this advanced type of precision surveying is essential for these reasons:

Allows us to identify potential obstacles to transmission signals
It allows us to provide essential information for planning underground or overhead cables efficiently and safely.
It provides us with adequate information to minimize the environmental impacts of infrastructure and achieve the requested regulatory compliance.

To achieve this topography we use various technologies such as:

  • Total stations that are advanced instruments for detailed topographic surveys
  • High precision GPS
  • Terrestrial laser scanner
  • Topographic drones

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